Thank you for purchasing our portable UV-C sterilising lamp from my company which we hope you will love. For best results, and for your own safety, please read the manual prior to using this device. In addition, please store this manual for future reference.



This product uses LED to emit appropriate ultraviolet trays, so that ultraviolet rays have the molecular structure that eliminates almost all the germs and bacteria by destroying DNA and RNA in bacterial viruses to form growth cell death and regenerative meridian death to achieve the effect of sterilisation and disinfection.


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  1. Turn on the device and the display shows 000 status.

  2. Press the key once to enter the 60s disinfection countdown, and the display shows 000 status after disinfection.

  3. Press the key twice to enter the 180s disinfection countdown, and the display shows 000 status after disinfection.


General Items

Hold the UV-C sterilising lamp approximately 1-2 inches from the surface and gradually move the wand over the entire area. Allow the light to stay on each area for 5-10 seconds to ensure optimum exposure. 

Kitchen Utensils/Personal Hygiene Items(hair brushes, toothbrushes, jewelry, razors)

Place items on a counter, away from water. Hold the lamp approximately 1-2 inches away from each object. Expose each object to the UV-C light for 10 seconds


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